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How You Can Find the Best Swinging Community in Your Area

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A swinging community is going to be important for any couple who is interested in the lifestyle. There are several ways to find the communities local to you. Here are a few ways to find them and a few reasons this will be important.

Looking Online

One of the easiest ways to find your local swinging community is to look online. Here you can find forums and message boards that are set up just for swingers in your area. On the forums you will be able to communicate openly with other swingers, discuss aspects of swinging you are interested in, and get advice from other swingers. It’s also a good way to start networking and getting contact information for future events and parties. The sense of community is typically very strong on the forums, and it can help swingers overcome some of the stigma associated with being a swinger.

Local Clubs

Another place to check for local community is your local swingers clubs. While most clubs will have larger events on the weekends, many will keep the lounge open through the week. This allows you to meet up and just chat with other swingers. Since swinging is something that many people choose to keep underground, it’s nice to meet others who do the same thing. It gives you a common interest and allows you to openly discuss the different aspects of your unique relationship that the layperson may not understand.

What to Expect At Some of the Best Swinging Clubs

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If you’ve never been to a swingers club you may not be prepared for what to expect. While all clubs are slightly different, the best clubs will all have a few elements in common. Here are just a few things you can expect at some of the leading clubs throughout the country.


A good swingers club is going to protect their member’s privacy. You will need to hand over your ID or license to the club, but this won’t get shared with anyone. Once you are in, you may be asked to wear a name tag, but most clubs will allow you to use a stage or assumed name for this.


Another feature of the best swinging clubs around will be the level of security. You won’t see armed guards standing all over the place, but you should see cameras at the entrances and exits. You should also see staff posted throughout the club that is ready to assist anyone in need. Even if you just don’t want to deal with another patron who feels harassing, the posted employee should help you out and escort the member out.

Different Rooms

The best swingers clubs will have several different rooms for play. You should find a few private rooms for intimate activities that you don’t want shared with the whole club. Larger playrooms for voyeurs and exhibitionists will also be found. Some of the best clubs will also have a dungeon area for those in to darker forms of play. A lounge is almost always provided for swingers to sit around and just chat. Some clubs will also have media rooms where there is porn on large televisions.