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Enhancing Your Relationship as a Couple by Swinging

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Many people assume that swinging is a deviant activity that only unhealthy couples participate in. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Swinging can only be pulled off by healthy, secure couples who have excellent communication skills. It can greatly enhance your current relationship. Here’s how.

Communication Skills

In order to be successful at swinging you must be able to communicate with your partner. Couples that aren’t great at this art won’t make it far as swingers. You have to be able to come up with rules, be open with one another about what is a turn on and what isn’t, and be able to communicate while swinging to keep things going. Some couples have said that they became closer after a swinging experience because it opened these doors that weren’t previously realized beforehand.

Keeping It Fresh

No matter how great a lover your partner is, there is only so much that you can do with one another before things start to feel stale. Swinging couples have the luxury of adding new partners and new techniques to their bedroom without the fear of cheating or betraying their partner. This can increase the sensuality, and many people have said that the best sex they’ve had with their partner was after attending a swinger’s event. Once you’re with just your partner again, you can fantasize and relive the experiences while together, which will increase the sexual energy between the two people.

Setting Boundaries and Being Open Before Deciding To Swing

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Swinging is not a lifestyle that should be jumped in to without consideration. It requires a lot of work and discipline to make it work. There are several very important aspects you should consider before you decide to swing.

Setting Boundaries

This is the single most important step before swinging is setting the boundaries. These will serve as a list of rules that you and your partner must follow to maintain the relationship. The reason this is important is because without this you don’t know what your partner is going to be okay with and what they will get upset about. It’s too difficult to pull away in the heat of the moment and constantly ask if it’s okay. Many couples choose to just watch or participate with one other person in the beginning. You need to know what turns you on, and what will make you jealous and feel betrayed. The boundaries and rules will evolve over time, and this ok.

Decide on the Type of Swinging

Another important aspect when it comes to setting boundaries is to figure out what type of swinging you are interested in. There are people who will only play for others to watch. Soft swingers will only have sex with one another, but may be okay with others having sex in the same area. A soft swap means that the partners are allowed to play with other couples, but without penetration. Decide what kind of actives interest you and set the rules from there.